Blurred Photo's

  Umbrella 19:45 04 Apr 04

After taking photo's with my digital camera they have come out blurred.
I have tried a number of pc photo editors but cannot get a clear picture with any of them.
Can anybody advise please.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:48 04 Apr 04

Try taking the pics at a higher resolution / without the digital zoom on and see what happens.

  marjted 19:52 04 Apr 04

Is the lens clean?
Camera shake? Try taking a few shots with the camera fixed or resting a table say.
Have they been taken on a high zoom setting?

  hugh-265156 19:55 04 Apr 04

shaky hands cause this.there is only so much software can correct.

try taking shots looking through the view finder instead of using the lcd screen.

brace the camera against your head.

  ton 20:03 04 Apr 04

condensation on the lens maybe?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:07 04 Apr 04

There is nothing that can be done. Sahrpening programme tend not to be very successful and are only useful woth SLIGHT blur. Have you tried using the camera on a tripod or self-timer to ensure that it is not at fault rather than human error?


  paranomia 22:38 04 Apr 04

Just a suggestion - have you got the camera set on 'close-up' (usually shows an icon of a little flower on the lcd screen) I shot a dozen or so pics before noticing this on my camera...

  Umbrella 23:00 04 Apr 04

paranomia is right. I was looking for software that could correct it rather than myself with the camera.

  Indigo 1 00:21 05 Apr 04

Try running the pics through this nice little prog, Kneson Imagener click here it is a good enlarger and you might find you can enhance some of the details too.

  anchor 09:16 05 Apr 04

You don`t say what your camera is, but it sounds to me that if ALL pictures are blurred then something is wrong. The two most likely things are;

1) you may jerk the camera when taking the shots. To determine this, try taking a shot with the camera on a tripod, or some firm support, with minimum zoom, and use autotimer.

2) the auto-focusing may be faulty.

True, lens condensation could cause this, but to have condensation of all your shots is unlikely. Of course, look at the lens and ensure it is clean.

In the meantime have a look at Focus magic.

click here

  mole44 09:23 05 Apr 04

my two pennyworth,RFI,in other words get out the instruction book

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