BluRay disc problem

  daveac41 11:43 AM 01 Feb 12

I have downloaded some files from my PC for storage on to a 50Gb BluRay disc. The PC won't recognize the disc - although IsoBuster can identify the files. Is there any way to fix this problem ? Program used was CyberLink BD Solution.

  Ibanez2010 11:55 AM 01 Feb 12

Are you sure your drive is actually a BluRay recorder?

  daveac41 12:58 PM 01 Feb 12

Yes, it is a Sony BWU 100A. It has been used many times before.

  daveac41 15:05 PM 04 Feb 12

Doesn't ANYONE have any idea what this problem is, please?????

  james105051 15:48 PM 04 Feb 12

Perhaps try a different burning program,

  daveac41 19:10 PM 04 Feb 12

Thanks. Will try that..


  rdave13 19:20 PM 04 Feb 12

Another freebie to consider,

though I do believe you have to register to get the key. You can always tick the box to stop emails for more Ashampoo products advertisments if required (spam....ish)in the mail you'll receive. Also untick what toolbars etc is offered during install.

  daveac41 12:20 PM 07 Feb 12

Thanks rdave13-am trying that and james 105051's


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