Blueyonder email?

  gios100 20:30 11 Mar 05

Hi is anyone familiar with Blueyonder email.

I'm not sure if its blueyonder or my computer settings.

When I access my Blueyonder email acount from another pc via the blueyonder website
It leaves my user name and password in the box.
So anyone going to check their mail could access mine.
Is there a way of clearing the box when I exit?



  gios100 20:42 11 Mar 05

When do exactly the same on my own computer it works fine.
When I exit and go back in all the fields are blank.


  tasslehoff burrfoot 21:13 11 Mar 05

logged in, I imagine you would have seen a box asking if you wanted windows to remember your login and prepopulate the boxes.

On one PC you may have clicked "never for this site" on the other PC I suspect you clicked "yes".

I think this will fix it:

In internet explorer click tools, click content, click autocomplete and click clear passwords (that's on the PC which prepopulates your login info)

NOTE this will remove all stored passwords.



  gios100 21:22 11 Mar 05

Cheers, I'll try it on the the PC in question tomorrow.



  gios100 16:47 12 Mar 05

Thanks Tasslehoff!!!!!!


Many thanks


I alway get my problems sorted on these forum without fail.

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