blueyonder broadband email servers crashed

  Busybeas 17:08 10 May 03

Anyone else experienced the mega probs trying to get email in or out of blueyonder for past 48 hours?

Evidently they have had a mega spam attack and have still not resolved the issues !

Personally I feel their status page updates are very poor,they only appear to be updating every 8 hours..... no good when we want/need to know when the service will be back up n running !

Just had to vent this !
We need better service than this :)


  VoG™ 17:12 10 May 03

To give Blueyonder their due it is not entirely their fault. I agree that it is a pain though. I'm waiting for files that I e-mailed from work to home. If they don't fix it by Monday I'm going to be in .......

  Busybeas 17:14 10 May 03

Is the phrase you are looking for VoG ?

Yep agreed , seems they are frantically working in background, but I think an update every 4 hours on the status page would pacify us a little better :)

Feel like my arms been cut off !

  lelole 17:16 10 May 03

yep, I've had problems too, rang helpline and got the usual blurb about technicians working hard, judging by how long it took them to get my broadband up and running in the first place, am not holding my breath!!

  Busybeas 17:17 10 May 03

To know we are not alone !


  VoG™ 17:19 10 May 03

I think Blueyonder are having "a bad day". It seems that SelfCare has crashed as well!

  Busybeas 17:25 10 May 03

You guys just getting the "connection to server has failed" messages ?

  VoG™ 17:26 10 May 03

Yes - and no mail!

  Busybeas 17:29 10 May 03

Have to find summat else to do with our digits then :)

Cheers guys, If/when the email system gets back, we'll all send each other a load of patience !


  rev.bem 18:36 10 May 03

Want to borrow my shovel?

  VoG™ 18:38 10 May 03

Thanks for the offer .... I'm hoping it gets sorted before it comes to that.

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