Bluetooth tethering between mobile phone and tablet

  Damarc 18:44 PM 12 Apr 13

Is there any possibility of tethering a wifi only Windows 8 tablet with an android mobile phone so that I can use the 3g mobile phone as a sort of a modem when wifi isn't available?

  Woolwell 18:47 PM 12 Apr 13

Yes but not by using Bluetooth. It depends on the phone but you should be able to set it up as a wifi hotspot. However some mobile companies block it.

  Damarc 18:49 PM 12 Apr 13

I have a Samsung Galaxy S1 and am with TMobile. Do you know how I should proceed please? If I ask Tmobile no doubt they will give me the wrong answer but i've no idea how to set up a wifi hotspot.

  Woolwell 19:48 PM 12 Apr 13

I had a Galaxy S1. It is under Settings, Tethering, Mobile AP. You need to set it up.

  Woolwell 19:49 PM 12 Apr 13

BTW it eats the Galaxy's battery.

  Woolwell 19:56 PM 12 Apr 13

Watch your data allowance too.


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