Bluetooth Driver

  Umbrella 20:51 01 Mar 08

I am trying to find a bluetooth driver for winxp sp2 so that I can transfer photos from my nokia 6111 to my pc. I dont want to buy a usb if I dont have to.

  ambra4 21:22 01 Mar 08

Does the computer have a bluetooth card or a usb bluetooth device install?

You need a bluetooth card or a a USB bluetooth adapter installed before you can transfer from the a bluetooth device

  Technotiger 21:37 01 Mar 08

Hi, I have in the past used bluetooth to transfer photos from my Nokia, it was extremely unreliable doing it this way, in the end I changed to using the USB connection and have not looked back since. I would advise you to go for the USB cable method.

  Technotiger 21:39 01 Mar 08

PS - as ambra4 has said, you will still need to get a Bluetooth Dongle which is about £25, as opposed to a USB cable, for very much less.

  Umbrella 21:35 04 Apr 08

I have just bought a blutooth dongle but cannot transfer files from a nokia phone.
Can anyone help please

  belfman 21:58 04 Apr 08

"you will still need to get a Bluetooth Dongle which is about £25"

Sheesh! Where do you shop? the best Belkin dongle is only £14.58 from PCWorld. As for cables depending on where you purchase it can range from £1 to £15.

  Technotiger 22:05 04 Apr 08

As I said earlier, I found that the USB connection is by far the best way of connecting the Nokia, assuming also that you do have the Nokia PC Suite software installed.

click here

belfman ... Hi, I was only giving a rough estimate.

  ambra4 22:25 04 Apr 08

Download and install the Nokia PC Suite

click here

Than take a read at these two sites

How To Connect Your Mobile Phone To Other Mobile Devices

click here

click here

  Umbrella 04:46 05 Apr 08

I have downloaded and installed Nokia PC Suite but it still wont transfer files.
I have paired both devices but still no joy.

I would agree with you but the Bluetooth Dongle should still work.

Am I not configuering properly I dont know

  Technotiger 07:57 05 Apr 08

that is exactly what I thought, but in the end I resorted to the USB connection, which I now use regularly with no hiccups whatsover. I did not see any point in battling on with bluetooth when the USB option works so well.

  Technotiger 08:04 05 Apr 08

Another point to consider with Bluetooth, is Security - unless you are very careful anyone else nearby, like a neighbour perhaps, can see your bluetooth dongle.

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