Bluetooth Dongle !

  chriscross72 21:14 09 Mar 05

What is a bluetooth dongle ?
what does it do ?
I have an Acer N30 pocket pc ..would one of these dongles enable it to communicate with my pc wirelessly ?
Is it possible to use my pocket pc to surf the internet as I would with the desktop on my broadband connection usung bluetooth ?

Thank You : ))

oh....and who the hell thought up the word 'dongle' ? ha ha

  dan11 21:26 09 Mar 05

A blue tooth dongle is a short range transmitter and receiver. It has a limited range, about 5 feet and transmits and receives data at about 1Mb per second.

yes you should be able to linc your acer with your desktop, via bluetooth.

yes you should be able to surf with it, if it has the right software.

As for dongle, I'm with you on that one.;-)

  Dorsai 21:28 09 Mar 05

Simple job....

"A hardware device that serves as copy protection for certain software by rendering the software inoperable when the device is not plugged into a printer port."

Daft name though...

  VoG II 21:31 09 Mar 05

Don Gall (maybe) click here's+receptionist+however+said+that+the+story+was+a+myth+invented+for+the+ad+%5b%7bJargon+File%7d%5d+(1998-12-13)+more+about+dongle...&tit=dongle&bin=&cat=wp&purl=&Complete=1

  VoG II 21:32 09 Mar 05
  chriscross72 21:36 09 Mar 05

I have seen them on e-bay with a stated range of 20 metres and at a cost of £12 including this a reasonable price ?
So I should at least be able to transfer files and photos between my pocket pc and desktop pc ??

  dan11 21:46 09 Mar 05

Sorry got the range wrong.:-(

They can go upto 100Mtrs, but not very good through walls.:-)
click here

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