Bluetooth and connection sharing

  ayrmail 10:58 23 Jul 05

PC connected to Internet by cable.
PC has Bluetooth Dongle.
Notebook has bluetooth.
Both XP.
Have connected both via bluetooth.
Configured Internet connection on PC to share it asked what to share it with chose bluetooth network.
Can not access Internet through notebook?
New toy no fun what have I done wrong?

  mgmcc 13:43 23 Jul 05

My experience with Windows XP was that it didn't recognise the Bluetooth PAN (Personal Area Network) as a valid LAN and therefore wouldn't allow me to enable Internet Connection Sharing on my Internet connection (which is an ethernet connection to a router).

  ayrmail 20:49 23 Jul 05

Got it working thanks anyway

  mgmcc 09:03 24 Jul 05

I would be interested to know how you did it. Did you have a free LAN network adapter (wired or wireless) to allow you to enable Internet Connection Sharing in the first place?

As I said, my Bluetooth network wasn't recognised as a valid LAN to let me set up ICS - the option just wasn't there!

Did ICS automatically configure the *Bluetooth* adapter with the address?

  ayrmail 09:51 24 Jul 05

Not so sure I did manage it now, tried it this morning and could not get it to work. On guest network connection has Bluetooth as pan, the host also has it pan and also in bridge, the LAN says the connection is shared by the LAN(wired) and the bluetooth connection?
The guest bluetooth now has Automatic Private Address, I am sure yesterday it had one assigned by DHCP.
Notice also that now on the host in bridge the Bluetooth is unplugged don't want to configure it just now as someone using PC?
As far as getting it to work yesterday the eureka
moment seemed to be when I ticked the box ignore any unplugged connections.

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