KirstyK 21:47 23 May 11

I am still having problems with Bluetooth, in that when I try and send a photo from my mobile phone to my PC via bluetooth, it connects OK but then after one photo the internet wireless broadaband connection fails so I can't continue. I have tried adjusting the channel number from 1 to 13 and also 11 but I still have the same problems. Does anyone know the correct settings or why I may be having these problems? My laptop runs fine apart from this, on wireless Broadband virgin media. My laptop is Windows 7.

  wee eddie 22:11 23 May 11

I think that we've been here before.

Bluetooth and WiFi are two, totally, different beasts.

Does your Laptop have Bluetooth, if not you will need to get a Bluetooth Dongle

  KirstyK 22:14 23 May 11

Yes, my Dell laptop has bluetooth built in.

  KirstyK 22:15 23 May 11

Because they are different beasts, I don't know why the bluetooth is affecting the broadband internet.

  Woolwell 20:33 24 May 11

Puzzled as to why you are dropping wireless connection when transferring photo by Bluetooth. Although the wireless connection drops you should still be able to continue to transfer photos but your first post implies that this isn't the case. Personally I much prefer connecting by USB cable.

  wee eddie 20:40 24 May 11

It may not be.

Is it possible that your Lappy is not sufficiently well specified to be doing both at the same time?

  bremner 21:35 24 May 11

Why have you started another thread when you never returned to tihe old one Click here


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