Blue screen on start up, whats wrong?

  Mysticnas 09:20 09 Jan 03
  Mysticnas 09:20 09 Jan 03

Hiya i run XP pro, p4 2.4, 1GbDDR, 120Gb HDD,

now on boot up i get a Blue Error screen that says


amongst some other things like the probable cause of the problem, these include:

This system failiure may have been the result of some hardware or software you may have installed recently. (That really narrows it down, NOT!!!)

anyway, i have to reboot when i get the screen.

Sometimes it starts up and sometimes it goes to that blue screen.

Any help?

  JoeC 09:36 09 Jan 03
  Mysticnas 10:49 09 Jan 03

thanks mate.

  rumblefish 10:54 09 Jan 03

JoeC is correct RAM could be the issue. Also check your WinXP HCL to ensure your RAM is in compliance.

  JoeC 12:02 09 Jan 03

also check your device manager for IRQ conflicts. : }

  Mysticnas 14:15 09 Jan 03

for now it's solved.

What happened.

After i wrote my last post, i updated some windows files. Through windows update scanner on their site.
Went down to make my lunch, came back up and the blue screen "oh not again"
I assume windows restarted after installing the updates. So i just tried rebooting, time after time... just went back to thw blue screen. Boy did i panic!!! The first thing that came to mind was all my work i've done all year!!!

I froze in my chair for a good 10-15mins not knowing what to do!!!
My life flashed before my eyes, i thought, man i don't want to fail this course! Images of myself in the future cleaning bogs for a living flashed b4 my eyes (no offense to bog cleaners!).


I eventualy thawed out and F8'd on next boot. Went safe mode, but couldn't try fix anything. Then on next boot went to
"Last known good config..."

And then to my shock again, but this time at the desktop, C:\WINDOWS\system32\NvCpl.dll
an initialization failed.


My desktop went to 4bit colour!!! 800x600!!!
and i couldn't change it! So i just installed the new drivers again from nvidia.

oh during the process i uninstalled "Go Back" and since then it seems fine. But whether it was that or going to last known good config i don't know.

But it seems to be solved...

For now anyway.

Thanks all.


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