Blue screen error m/soft no help ?!

  marcsozzie 10:27 24 Apr 06


XP Home sp2 all updates loaded
amd 3000 cpu
asus mboard a8n
512 ram
g card 6600 gt-gigabyte
hdd ide 150 gig
all have correct drivers

i get blue screen error : 0x000000pc (0x00000004,0x80545ffo,0xb2000000,0x00070f0f) i rang m soft and said as had oem copy of windows could not help or else charge me..can anybidy help screen appeasr adhoc..

  ACOLYTE 10:28 24 Apr 06

What are you doing with the PC when the Blue screen appears?

  marcsozzie 10:41 24 Apr 06

3 times it has happened usually pc been left on for a while then go on the net and then happens

  ACOLYTE 10:46 24 Apr 06

Does it say any program has had an error and will be closed or just it just go to the blue screen?
Is the PC comming out of stand by after bieng left a while and this happens?.

  marcsozzie 10:55 24 Apr 06

goes straight to blue screen after 5 mins ish coming out of standby

  Sobeit 11:06 24 Apr 06

You done a full virus and spyware check??

  marcsozzie 11:07 24 Apr 06

yeah got norton to do after detected virus

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