blue screen of death even after i have recovered

  The GnoMe 12:06 01 Dec 04

hi all,
Well this is a funny one, my friend has had problems with his computer for a few months now he lives in Uk and i live in cyprus, he has not got the first clue about computers, i know quite a bit although i am by no means an expert. So i guided him through doing a full recovery with his recovery cds and guided him by setting up his computer again, bb, outlook etc etc.
but last night while he was just browsing the web, i think he had about 3 sites open, he got the blue screen of death and it restarted windows. this was happening 10 times a day before we recovered his system and it has not happened since that one time last night.
What is worring me is what can be causing his laptop to crash like that? He runs win xp home with a 40gb hard disk and 256mb sd ram. i know it could be a number of things but can anyone maybe help me as to why it is still doing this even after a full recovery?



p.s would a windows update help him any or could it be a hardware thing, i really dont know what to do.

thanks in advance

  recap 12:15 01 Dec 04

If you could post the exact content of the bsd error message, this may help someone to pin point the problem, as you say it could be a number of things.

A Windows update would not hurt.

Does your friend have SP2 installed?

If so, on doing the recovery did he install this just after the OS or after all other programs had been installed. I have found that loading SP2 just after the OS is better than after all other software.

  The GnoMe 12:21 01 Dec 04

hi well the writing that comes on the screen comes and goes to fast to read he says, he as no sp2 installed. i dont even think he has done a windows update.


  jimv7 12:42 01 Dec 04

Could be cpu overheating/faulty ram/faulty cpu/faulty motherboard, without more information as recap has said, its hard to offer any advice.

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