Blue screen crashes when using printer

  Roy* 13:27 17 Oct 09

Canon MP610 with XP often causes blue screen crashes, normally when you send to print but sometimes just by switching on. I’ve tried updating drivers from the Canon site but this has had no effect, unless I’m getting the wrong drivers? My PC is few years old and has low memory compared to what’s the norm now, could this have anything to do with it?

Any suggestions much appreciated.

  jack 14:05 17 Oct 09

I note you say computer is a few years old so is it a USB or old style parallel?
Could be you see you have set the incorrect port
LPT1 old style
USB Printer new style
Also change the cable[which ever it is]

  Roy* 14:30 17 Oct 09

The PC's 4 years old. Hadn't thought of the cable, why could it be that?

Thanks for your help Jack

  Roy* 16:24 19 Oct 09

So I'll give it a try, could it be anything else?

  jack 16:59 19 Oct 09

before moving on-
I don't think a duff driver would cause a blue screen.
But to prove this simply delete the printer and install from Windows own library, like this

Go to Start/Printer and Faxes, phen the panel comes up right click delete pn the default printer.
Now move to 'Add Printer'

When that panel comes up ignore ' Have Disk' and go to
'Select from List.
In the left column- select the Printer make = 'Canon'
In the right column scroll down to the model
Click OK
see what happens

  Roy* 17:16 19 Oct 09

Will try new cable when it comes tomorrow (?) until it crashes again or not etc...

  Roy* 12:59 21 Oct 09

It's still crashing. Doesn't crash from laptop with vista when connected with cable?

  jack 17:42 21 Oct 09

Try the renistal as above

  Roy* 17:45 21 Oct 09

will do but it'll have to be Thursday night.

  Roy* 22:11 22 Oct 09

When I had a look at the drivers installed it has a yes against intel Windows 2000 or XP and a No for the other 5 options. My PC is XP but this printer has shared access for a laptop that runs vista. There is not an option to add additional drivers for vista on the list? The crashes happened before the laptop was here so that is not the cause. Anyway we'll see if it works for a bit?

  Roy* 09:26 04 Nov 09

Since the printer reinstall it’s been shown as offline from both laptop and desk top PC. When I tried printing last night it crash again (blue screened). I updated drivers again but current status is that the desk top PC thinks the Printer is off line (new cable connected OK). The printer works from laptop if we use a USB cable direct between laptop and printer. So maybe the next course of action is to remove printer and all installed printer software from desktop PC and start again with installation CD?

My only other thought as to why the crashes were happening when it did work, could it be a conflict between Microsoft Office 2003 software as I think it normally crashes when one of those programmes is running (e.g. Outlook, Word, Excel)

Thanks for your help

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