Blue Screen

  She1 23:11 01 Jan 06

I am using XP Proffessional on a 2.4 Athlon with a 80g H/drive, 512 ram, desktop pc. I keep getting the blue screen crash with the error multiple_irp_complete requests. Sometimes but not always this is preceded with a low battery warning.
Any Ideas?

  pauldonovan 23:15 01 Jan 06 sounds like your problem is driver related.

If you look here:

click here

It says it can happen when you perform a shutdown, hibernate or standby - I wonder if your laptop is performing one of these due to low battery, then getting the problem.

Have you tried going to windows update and looking for any hardware driver updates for your laptop?

  007al 23:16 01 Jan 06

multiple_irp_complete requests...this is a driver bug.
low battery warning is the CMOS battery needs replacing.Its the round battery on the motherboard

  She1 23:16 01 Jan 06

Its a desktop not a laptop, I can't understand low battery warning. But it doesn't always happen before crash. I haven't installed anything different to cause it

  She1 23:19 01 Jan 06

How do I get rid of a driver bug, are batteries universal or do different types apply?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:20 01 Jan 06

Its a desktop not a laptop, I can't understand low battery warning the true size

The mother board has a battery to keep the BIOS settings when you switch off the PC. CMOS Battery
click here

  007al 23:27 01 Jan 06

Change the battery,and see if you still get the warning message.

  She1 23:34 01 Jan 06

Sorry for delay, crashed three times! Part of error is completing physical memory dump. Wouldn't my clock and date be wrong with bad battery?

  007al 23:55 01 Jan 06

Sounds like overheating or bad memory.
Try this click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 00:02 02 Jan 06

How full is the hard drive?

This crashing can occur when only a few gig left for paging file.

  She1 23:06 02 Jan 06

Changed the battery, 75% free on hrd Drive. Checked ram using 007al suggestions, no errors.
Still same prop! HELP

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