blowing fuse

  CTRL 13:32 14 Jun 05

hi brother has just come back from holiday. his computer was unpluged while he was away he pluged it in to start as normal and the 5 amp fuse in the plug blew.try'd another mains lead that blew.has his psu gone. anyone got a clue to the problem.thanks

  Terry Brown 13:44 14 Jun 05

Chances are that the computer has been in a damp area (or has something spilt on the keyboard--Try disconnecting thew keyboard and re-booting) or has developed a loose connection internally. Strongly suggest taking it to a qualified computer engineer to have it checked out.

  CTRL 13:52 14 Jun 05

thanks terry.i asked him if water had come in contact he says no.the room the computer is in isn't damp at all.the fuse is blowing as soon as he swiches on.

  Micro-Man 15:43 14 Jun 05

Did he normally leave the pc on, even if only in standby? Similarly, does the monitor power up through the PC connector? If so is it a CRT type of monitor? If yes to all three questions, then I'd go for the monitor being the likely culprit.

  woodchip 15:46 14 Jun 05

Sounds like faulty PSU

  wee eddie 15:52 14 Jun 05

Then add 1 item at a time.

Try the PC alone with just a keyboard and mouse, (I was going to suggest without the Keyboard and mouse but that appears excessive), then add the monitor, and so on, until it blows again.

Are you using a Surge Protector?

Check all your cables and connections, maybe a mouse has been nibbling at something!

  CTRL 15:59 14 Jun 05

first to micro-man.he normally has it on standby.the monitor is powered is a CRT type.WOODCHIP iam starting to think it mite be the psu.

  CTRL 16:09 14 Jun 05

wee eddie.try'd that still blowing as soon as he switched it on.

  wee eddie 16:26 14 Jun 05

Take the PC into another room and plug it in.

No peripherals. No nothing.

If it still blows its fuse than you are probably right but check the connections as the cable enters the PSU

  CTRL 16:34 14 Jun 05

wee eddie.the moving to another room seems worth a try.he has try'd it with another feed cable and that blow just the same.he is off now to buy some more 5 amp fuses.

  bruno 18:03 14 Jun 05

He should be buying 3 amp fuses and if he continues to keep plugging it in and blowing fuse he might end up doing a lot more damage than is already done.Wee Eddie's original process of elimination is spot on, but you can only go so far without test equipment and specialist knowledge.

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