bloody hdd+xp

  blue 20:13 23 Feb 03

can anyone help please>>>>>>>>>
i have just installed a 60gig hard drive i fdisked,partitioned into 20gig prim dos and 40gig extended then formated it but when i try to run xpfrom the disc it loads all the files and when it reboots it goes back to the begining again this happenes everytime no matter what partition i try to put it in
frustrated user

  spikeychris 20:24 23 Feb 03

"Back to beginning" explain please..


  blue 20:31 23 Feb 03

hi chris
when i say back to the begining i mean it starts to load all the files again as if i had just started

  spikeychris 20:38 23 Feb 03

When you have installed XP from the disk and it reboots you have the option of "booting from CD"...are you taking this option?


  blue 20:44 23 Feb 03

chris i do get the option to boot from the cdrom which i take but it just reverts back to loading files from the start it`s like i don`t have a boot log but i have set all my cmos and bios settings to default

  spikeychris 20:57 23 Feb 03

Once you have installed Windows XP and it re-boots you "MUST NOT" boot from CD. This is the reason why it is trying to load Windows again.

At re-boot, ignore the "hit any key to boot from CD" and your machine will boot from HDD.


  blue 21:04 23 Feb 03

chris when i don`t hit any key all that happens is i get a blinking cursor for up to five minutes before i get p...ed off with it and reboot but if you think i should leave it longer i`ll give it a go

  spikeychris 21:09 23 Feb 03

Five minutes is too long, set your BIOS to boot from CD first (installation) and HDD second.


  blue 21:12 23 Feb 03

chris i don`t want to sound like a killjoy but i have tried all combos for the first boot and still no luck

  spikeychris 21:22 23 Feb 03

If this was mine I would start again, what has more than likely happened is when you hit any key to boot from CD it starts to overwrite the already installed files.

Format the drive again and re-install...this time don't hit the key ;o)


  blue 21:26 23 Feb 03

o.k chris i`ll give it a go and thanks for your time
ps hope your pc runs smooth for ever

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