"blog this" in Google options ?what is it

  end 23:36 07 Sep 04

having recently adopted the google tool bar; in one of the "options" it gives the "blog this" option....any ideas just what this is all about???

put it this way, on the one I have got it is there:)

and on Win 98se and IE6

( do I really need to call the white coats after all ??)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:00 08 Sep 04

It is one of the direst things ever invented on the Internet that lets people share their excruciatingly dull lives with similar (usually not into double figures)people that have too much time and not enough intelligence to use it wisely.

Blogs are utter pants and Google has the answer to your question;-)))..........click here


  end 00:09 08 Sep 04

was HOPING it just might be the google equivalent to the Guard IE "web bug noise" thing that plays a sound each time a bug is "identified" in a web page..

hummm ,,,evidently NOT!!!!...gees...what will they think of next::((
that "option" is definitly remaining" unticked off"..

incredulity is not the strong word I am tempted to use:)

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