Blocking a specific Web site .

  Rtus 09:13 23 Mar 07

the standard Microsoft Ie6 /Ie7 filter doesnt seem to work (or I havent found out how to set it) as it doesnt meet the criteria I need to set.
I need to block 1 site (at the moment) to restrict access on 1 computer connected to the www with wifi unit.
Problem being I need it to as invisable as possible So the certain user cant work out how to get it unblocked.normally this sites fine ,but lately its I assume being hacked replacing the jpegs of objects on sale with unsuitable content.Ive complained various times to owners who seem incapable of monitoring/moderating their site or responding to my emails about this.

  Technotiger 09:21 23 Mar 07

Hi, in IE try Tools>Internet Options>Content, I think there you can set IE not to accept sites of your choice.

  VoG II 09:27 23 Mar 07

You could use a hosts file click here and edit it in Notepad to add the site to be blocked.

  Jak_1 09:34 23 Mar 07

Yes you can do it that way Technotiger but if the other certain user is computer savvy then it is all too easy to remove the url from the 'restricted sites'.
By using the 'Host file', an IP address can be inserted thus blocking that site. A bit more convoluted in setting up but one way that few people seem to know about.
click here

  Jak_1 09:36 23 Mar 07

Great minds VoG™!

  Rtus 09:36 23 Mar 07

Thats allready been tried as in my original post . > I have to be able to block the URL myself as this site doesnt normally have anything like this restriction its not RSCAi tagged.

  Jak_1 09:45 23 Mar 07

Which way have you tried, via control panel or the Host file?

  Rtus 09:55 23 Mar 07

control panel ,trying to decifer host file post now.. among phone calls/kids running amok

  Rtus 10:00 23 Mar 07

thanks all .back after ive regained sanity , kids are gone>>>> LOL.

  Rtus 20:29 27 Mar 07

thanks guys I'll try host file bit out when I do get shut of the grandkids.its bound to sort the problem.thanks again ..

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