Blocking specific urls at router level

  ritchbartlett 17:51 08 Feb 14

If I want to allow access to a domain but want to block access to a specific page of that domain, via the router, how can I do that.

My router has port forwarding and a firewall which I'm proficient with using but I'm wondering if I upgraded to a superior router I might have success. i currently have the Sky SR101 stock router.

I am aware I can block domains on a PC via the hosts file, and also through the router but let's suggest I want to allow access to but block access to (apologies to any Fred Smiths out there!)

I'm not aware of any way this can be done. I know there are add-ons for firefox which I also currently use but the main thing is that I would need to block it from access via apps on an android phone.

I'm fairly confident that without installing a firewall on the phone (which would require rooting which I'm not prepared to do) that it's only domains or keywords that can be blocked.

I know this is the case for routers, hosts file and OpenDNS which is another thing I've considered using. There must be a way to block very specific IPs or urls surely. In short, I have children who are quite IT literate (not as so as me luckily) and I want COMPLETE control of who views what via my router or network.

It has to be able to apply to apps on an android phone. I have the IP addresses already from packet sniffing.

Any ideas?

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