blocking scam emails

  hatrickj 19:53 20 Feb 05

Scan emails, often from West Africa, are experienced by an increeasing number of people it seems. It may or may not be effective to block a particular email address as these scum change their addresses. However on the basis that the ISPs may be used by a number of scammers, is there a way in OEx and/or hotmail to block messages from the ISP it self?

  mark2 20:42 20 Feb 05

many of the scammers use yahoo and internet cafes for running their scams, checking the headers of the emails reveals IPs from many different ISPs.

They also tend to use email addys from and similar. Have a look click here for more information

  Buchan 35 21:34 20 Feb 05

Type Spam into the search box on the left side of the screen and there are over 300 threads on this subject

  end 22:58 20 Feb 05

I wish; oh how I wish

however, we are living in the real world::(((

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:31 20 Feb 05

There is no feasible way to block them. Just hot delete.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:32 20 Feb 05

There is no feasible way to block them. Just hit delete.


  end 00:13 21 Feb 05

I"ve got more on my server today; am going to just chuck "em in the bin ; have you tried the search for spam mail yet; could be illuminating::)))

  hatrickj 10:24 21 Feb 05

Thanks all of you. I looked at the various suggestions. ISTM the delter button will have to wear out before the rest of the keyboard

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