Blocking premium rate calls from my PC

I understand that there is a virus going around that will cause a PC to dial up Premium rate telephone calls.
I have been advised that I can block my PC from making these expensive calls. Can someone kindly advise how this can be done?

  josie mayhem 09:54 10 Feb 05

You need to contact BT, and they can stop any premium rate number being dailed from your phone.

But remember if you are on broadband then premium rate dial up doesn't effect it. It is only a problem on a dail-up modem/connection.

Many thanks for your advice. However, this method will block all premium rate calls. I only wish to block computer generated calls, but thanks all the same.
Regards 'The Game Keeper'

  Gongoozler 10:57 10 Feb 05

Try this antidialler click here. Alternatively if you go for a low cost broadband option then there is no risk at all of your computer dialling out.

  Graham ® 11:03 10 Feb 05

The computer has no way of knowing what a premium rate number is. It may be an International number, even.

BT's information and advice:

click here

  Stuartli 11:06 10 Feb 05

I use Auto-Dialler as well - it watches out for unusual dialling out.

Running S and D 1.3 and Ad-aware 1.5 SE personal will get rid of such diallers.

  Belatucadrus 11:18 10 Feb 05

"there is no risk at all of your computer dialling out."

But only if you remember to unplug the old modem, broadband users who have left the old modem connected for any reason are still open to dialler problems.

Thank you all for your valuable advice. I have taken Gongoozler's advice and downloaded 'Antidialer', This would seem to be the perfect answer.
Thanks again

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