Blocking audio on youtube?

  PC840 16:47 03 Apr 15

I'm using Firefox 37 with Windows 7 and have being trying to get a flash blocker, using various different ones with combinations of youtube downloaders, that will block the sound, but although the video is blocked the audio isn't! Any ideas? It was working OK until a few days ago!


  tullie 19:15 03 Apr 15

Mute the sound on pc?

  PC840 21:41 03 Apr 15

Well that could be a drastic 'cure', but I've just noticed that when I select a vid for a split micro sec an error message flashes up! I think it says some thing about Adobe. But will have to try again and again until I'm sure.

  lotvic 22:24 03 Apr 15

Not sure what you are trying to achieve, but I have got my Flash Player set to 'Ask to Activate'

FireFox - Tools - Add-ons - Shockwave Flash - and menu button on right to make your selection.

I did that because some of the Vids on YouTube now use HTML5 instead of Adobe Flash and I had to download the HTML5 player from YouTube click here

  PC840 13:03 04 Apr 15

Well I got an error message from Firefox, saying it didn't like Adavancedsystecare which I have installed, which I've removed some of and the problem with youtube seems to be cured! Shall see have things go, because it's a beta example. Thanks and regards

  PC840 16:59 04 Apr 15

And since a new upgrade has been released and up to now 10/10!

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