Blocked browsing link

  Snrub 10:16 27 May 12

Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at I am unable to obtain the above link and am not sure what is blocking the link. Any ideas please?

  birdface 10:34 27 May 12 your Security programs stopping it.I think Spywareblaster also blocks it.

My Ad-Muncher blocks that site.So if you have an ad-blocker switched on it could be that.It Blocks it on I/E and Firefox.

  lotvic 10:41 27 May 12

Went there and got:

This is a DoubleClick advertising server.

Click here for the DoubleClick home page.

Click here for privacy information.

Click here to report suspicious phishing URLs.

Click here to report suspected malware URLs.

Looks to me as if it just puts the adverts on whatever page you're on. Tracking cookie so it can choose which adverts to show you.

  robin_x 14:17 27 May 12

It's also in mvps HOSTS file.

If that is your cause, the entry can be deleted (then re-boot).

But I prefer leaving my security at max usually, so I then run a Virtual Machine (Ubuntu, say) when I get blocked sites and want access. Saves finding the cause/re-booting and messing around.

Of course, setting up Virtualbox or VMWare took a little bit of messing around initially.

  Snrub 09:26 29 May 12

Thanks for replies. I run a lot of spyware protection including Hosts mpvs files , Do Not Track Plus , Ad Muncher, Spyware Blaster plus McAfee.

I have tediously trawled through each program to see if it's on restricted sites but can't find solution.

So considering robinofloxley suggestion of setting up Virtualbox or VMWare. How difficult is this, you say it's messy which has put me off a bit?

  robin_x 11:19 29 May 12

Ubuntu iso here.

VMWare Player here. Create an account to get download.

Run VMP and Create New VM using the iso.

It is (mostly) self-explanatory.

Settings for the VM can be changed when it is shutdown, not suspended.

It's a bit of a learning curve. But at least Ubuntu sets itself up and there is a nice big Firefox button on the Desktop so you don't have to scrabble to find it.

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