Block ads from a certain domain?

  Ben Avery 09:55 18 Feb 04


I have a PC here at work, which seems incaple of blocking pop-ups (or maybe pop-unders?) from a site called

I have tried, pop-up stopper pro as well as the google pop-up blocker taskbar but all to no avail. The pop-ups only occur when you click OFF Internet Explorer (thereby shutting down the google blocker one would assume?)

I have run the latest Ad-aware upates and Spyware Blaster on the machine but even these don't stop it.

What I want to know is if there is some way I can "block" the domain from being accessed by the computer, thereby stopiing the pop-ups from happening. Apparently it happens all the time and no way around it has yet been found.

Any thoughts?


  LeadingMNMs 10:02 18 Feb 04

Do you use a firewall ?

  Ben Avery 10:07 18 Feb 04

No we haven't got one here.

  Sir Radfordin 10:13 18 Feb 04

You could edit your hosts file (do a Windows search for HOSTS) and change to point to which is your local computer. This will mean that when anything requests that domain it won't be found as you are pointing it back to your local PC.

  TheTerminator 10:28 18 Feb 04

has built in ad blocker, and to block unwanted popups. It's far superior to i.e.
click here

You should also try running adaware to ensure nothing nasty has been installed on your computer...

  TheTerminator 10:29 18 Feb 04

i've just re-read your query. sorry for not reading it thoroughly

  Ben Avery 11:58 18 Feb 04

Ok, I tried that but it doesn't work I'm afraid.

Any other suggestions?

Where could it be from - google searches don't turn anything up but it's been around for quite some time?


  tbh72 12:18 18 Feb 04

Have you run any virus scanner atall?? There are two online virus scanners which are very good. I use housecall by trend micro.

But I would recommend you use the one by panda software as it's capable of scanning more than just your HDD's, it also offers comprehensive help should it find a problem & gives clear removal instructions.

Give it a try!!

  Ben Avery 12:37 18 Feb 04

Yeah I run Norton 2003 Pro and have also scanned with AVG.

There's no virus, no adware and no spyware to be found! Just an annoying popup (or 2 at once mostly) which occurs at shutting down IE stage (have been testing the PC on netscape and had nothing happen with that - I think it's only on IE as I also don't seem to be having any problems with Opera but then I'm only testing that now)


  tbh72 13:59 18 Feb 04

Have you searched the registry for entries relating to

I have actually taken a look at the website & notice it's hosted by but the website has no content.

  Ben Avery 14:06 18 Feb 04

only registry entries are the searches I performed on Google this morning trying to find out what it was!


I've chnaged the default browser to Netscape for now (in some ways it's a refered browser) but would like to be able to stop it for those who want to use IE6 still.


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