Bling RAM Video.

  KRONOS the First 06 Sep 12

Bought this recently and I love it,at the moment it is in a Bitfenix Prodigy build I knocked up on Sunday. I do love my bling. Stuck it in this build just to test as it only arrived today. Bought via another forum 4GB Crucial Ballistix for £15 and I thought I would share. Youtube

  northumbria61 07 Sep 12

Chronus - Good video and excellent price for your purchase.

  KRONOS the First 08 Sep 12

Yes it was a good price, a PC magazine I subscribe to that is more component orientated has a really good forum which has a marketplace section where members can buy and sell their unwanted components. Great bargains can be had in fact I have been stunned by stuff being on sale a few weeks after a person has bought it. To some on the forum upgrading is away of life and no sooner have they bought something then they see something they consider better. I bought Evga GTX670 for £240 with 3 years warranty. Great deal.

The great thing is there are very few problems and are usually quickly sorted.

Glad you liked the pretty lights.LOL.

  northumbria61 08 Sep 12

You couldn't give me a hint as to this "other" mag? I would be interested.

  KRONOS the First 08 Sep 12

Probably not be allowed to mention the magazine even though they are as different as chalk and cheese.But I see no reason why the forum cannot be mentioned. Here.

I do have to mention that should you register you will not see the marketplace listed until such times as you have posted 75 constructive posts or threads.You will also note that after a certain number of posts you will be able to get free delivery from the likes of Scan And CCL but you need to connect your forum details to your Scan/CCL accounts. Look out for me KRONOS. Caps lock was on when I registered.LOL.

  northumbria61 09 Sep 12

Thanks for the info Chronus (KRONOS) certainly something for consideration.


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