bleep or bonk ?

  tnelis 12:21 24 Feb 06

Please help...
How can I insert a funny bleep or bonk sound into my website? When you click on the thumbnail, it takes you to another site....but I'd also like a funny noise to happen...any ideas....thanks.

A HREF="click here"target="_blank"> IMG SRC="cars.jpg" border="0"> /A>

  tnelis 10:48 26 Feb 06

Amazing.....first time I have ever got NOBODY replying to my problem.... :)

  €dstowe 11:23 26 Feb 06

Are you sure you want to do this?

There are few things more irritating when using the Internet than silly (you say funny) noises sounding for no reason. If the sound has a real function like a warning or something, fine but, to put a noise there just to let me know that I've pressed a certain key or button would have me rapidly looking for another, more sensible, site.

  tnelis 13:13 26 Feb 06

I'm a cartoonist, so I feel the sound thing is c'mon tell me how to do it please.

  octal 14:48 26 Feb 06

Something like this, I think:

<A HREF="sound.wav"><IMG SRC="picture.gif" WIDTH=32 HEIGHT=32 BORDER=0 ALT="text here"></A>

  tnelis 14:57 26 Feb 06

Thanks Octal....this works ok...except my Media Player pops ups...when I click on the pic.

  octal 15:34 26 Feb 06

See if this works:

<A HREF="sound.wav"><IMG SRC="picture.gif" BORDER=0 ALT="text here"></A>

  octal 16:11 26 Feb 06

You'll probably find it still opens the player, I'll play around with the code and see if I can make it work.

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