Blanked out link tabs - buttons?

  spuds 15 Mar 13

The other day I installed Abode Air on recommendation via Avast. Since then I have found that going to various websites I am experiencing problems with link tabs or buttons, due to them being blanked out. After a short time, some of the tabs/buttons clear themselves, and I am then able to read what the tab/buttons says.

I would add, that since downloading and installing Abode Air, I still keep getting reminders to download or update Abode Air. Checking the computer, there appears to be no reference that Abode Air actually installed?.

Is anyone else had these problems, and if so, what was the remedy in resolving the issues?.

Any help on this, gladly welcomed.

  spuds 15 Mar 13

I forgot to mention: XP Home on computer, and Firefox, Google Chrome plus IE8 as browser's. All browser's have the same blank-out problems on some websites.

  rdave13 15 Mar 13

spuds , have given troubleshoot link in other thread. Hope it helps. As you have Acrobat installed, and that comes with Air, I believe, it could have become corrupted when you installed the latest version instead of updating possibly.

  Woolwell 15 Mar 13

Uninstall it through control panel - add/remove programs (where it should be listed) and see if your problems go.

  Woolwell 15 Mar 13

I'm fairly sure that Air does not come with Acrobat.

  Woolwell 15 Mar 13

Apologies - it used to be bundled with Acrobat 9. I'll need to check 10.

  spuds 17 Mar 13

I mentioned in the other Abode Air thread that I had posted, that on today's return to the computer, things seemed to appear to have returned back to 'normality', so I would now keep observations on further activities, and attempt to correct if necessary.

Checking on Windows XP control panel add/remove, it would appear that I have Abode Air - Flash Player 10 Active X - Flash Player 11 Plugin - Shockwave Player 11.6 - Reader X (10.1.6).

Whether any or the combination of the above are causing any problems with the link tabs/buttons, I will have to see. I'll most likely uninstall Abode Air later and see what happens, in perhaps resolving the problems mentioned?.


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