Blank Screen On Boot

  Legslip 09:58 02 Sep 09

On power up my screen occasionally is blank .i.e. no Widows boot information. However, I can hear the hd going through its boot rituals. I have found that disconnecting/reconnecting the mains power supply resolves the problem but further on/offs consequently bring the problem back again.
My thoughts are the power unit or graphics card. Any further thoughts?

  wotbus@ 10:13 02 Sep 09

Sounds more like the monitor. If your graphics card is disconnected or u/s, you usually get a message on your screen to the effect "check your video input" or something like.
Do you get any "white lettering on black background" on the monitor during initial stage of boot?
Forget px unit if fans/drives are still working.
Check all connection to your monitor and don't connect/disconnect mains WITHOUT powering down Windows (press and hold the PC ON button until everything stops).

  Legslip 12:58 02 Sep 09

Wotburst. Thanks for help. Monitor displays something like "no signal detected" so I think that it is some sort of signal source problem rather than the monitor.

  ambra4 13:22 02 Sep 09

Try re-seating the memory if more than one, try them one at a time

  wotbus@ 19:43 02 Sep 09

Do you have "on-board" graphics on your mobo?
If so, connect your monitor to it and see what happens.
On some mobo's, fitting a PCI VGA card automatically disconnects the on-board graphics so bear that in mind.
If not, remove the VGA card and re-fit it.
Does the VGA card have it's own chipset cooling fan?
If so, and be careful now ;-), power up the PC with the side off and see if the fan turns.

  Legslip 01:04 03 Sep 09

Thanks good people. Going away for a few days so won't be able to follow advice until I return. I am sure that I will find the answer if I follow what you have said.

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