blank screen

  martan 01:13 29 Jun 10

hi all
can anybody advise me on why if i try and switch to a full screen view on anything etc tv pictures of others all i get is a complete white screen and have to press esc to get back to the web page or tv i was viewing

many thanks


  howard64 17:18 29 Jun 10

it might be that the hardware acceleration is too great. Try right clicking on a blank bit of the screen and properties. Click on settings and advanced then troubleshooting. Slide the slider to zero acceleration then ok.

  woodchip 17:20 29 Jun 10

No Idea, but try F11 it may work

  martan 18:33 29 Jun 10

hi guys
thanks for the help have lowered the acceleration and it has now solved the problem i was getting

many thanks for the help


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