Blank monitor on start up

  kevinjuan 09:36 18 Jan 06

Blank screen on startup

AMD XP 3000, 1 Gb Ram, 160 Gb sata HDD, Geforce 6600GT 128b Mb, Medion MD7218AR monitor.

Hi. On start up my monitor displays the graphics card info, BIOS info and hard drive info etc, but then it goes black. It does not show the Windows XP Logo or the moving bar underneath.

If I turn the monitor off & on I am then presented with the user account log on screen and everything works as it should.

I have just loaded the latest drivers from Nvidia, but still no difference.

Any ideas?


  eqskey 09:49 18 Jan 06

How powerful is the PSU?

  kevinjuan 09:56 18 Jan 06

Hi Eqskey, Its a 350 W PSU, with a connection to the graphics card.

  eqskey 10:05 18 Jan 06

Hi kevinjuan, See what hapens if you start up the pc with the monitor switched off.After a minute or so turn the monitor on~and see what progress the Windows has made.

  kevinjuan 10:21 18 Jan 06

Hi Eqskey, I dont have a problem with windows loading or running. the only problem I have is that the monitor goes black( resolved by turning off/on) during startup. Any other ideas?

  eqskey 10:37 18 Jan 06

What I was getting at was that ~when you switched it on after the pc had booted ,then was it a blank screen or not?
It could be a lack of power problem at start-up.
Check monitor cable is pushed far in.

When you installed the new video drivers did you uninstall the old ones.Best to do this.Have you got an old PCI video card to compare progress.
In the bios ~is the card set to 128?
See what happens when you select Optimised Settings in Bios.

  kevinjuan 10:39 18 Jan 06

Hi eskey, See what you mean. I will try what you suggest and post later. I have to go out now. Thanks for your help

  kevinjuan 13:10 18 Jan 06

If I turn on the monitor at any time before the user logon screen, then it goes black.
All the cables are ok.
I have Optimised my settings in BIOS.

After scrutinising the start up, the Windows XP logo does actually appear, very faintly & breifly(2 seconds) before going black.

I am going to try a CRT monitor, see if it makes any difference.


  kevinjuan 14:18 18 Jan 06

With the CRT it works ok. Back to the LCD and I get a black screen again.

I hve tried adjusting the resolution also, but it doesnt seem to make any difference.

Anything else?

  kevinjuan 17:02 18 Jan 06

The last time I booted, I actually got to the log in screen without turning the monitor off/on, but the XP logo still hadn't appeared! How strange!

Not a problem ( I dont think so)unless it is a symptom of an underlying problem.

  kevinjuan 10:09 19 Jan 06


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