Blank monitor screen

  Cmdr Vimes 21:22 13 Aug 08

When I switched on my pc today the screen remained blank, and has remained so. I've got a TFT Advent monitor. I've checked all the conections both inside and outside my pc and cleaned inside. I've rebooted several times and the screen remains blank. I put my speakers on and can hear windows (XP) starting.

If I switch off the power button on the monitor and then on again I briefly get a message saying "No Signal". That happens quite normally on boot up just prior to windows opening when the screen the displays graphics.

Apart from trying to get hold of another screen to try I'm not sure what else to have a go at. We had a power cut in the night actually, but my pc was switched off, so not sure if that makes any difference.

  ambra4 21:28 13 Aug 08

Reseat the memory modules, if more that one tries then one at a time if only one change

the socket to the other one

If still not working try a difference memory module 64, 128, 256Mbs, etc of the correct

type and see if the display come up, if it does you have bad memory modules

Size of the memory modules does not matter, as you only want to check the display come

  Technotiger 21:29 13 Aug 08

Without another monitor to try, or another pc to try your monitor on, the only suggestion I can make is to double check your graphics card connection to the motherboard - i.e. remove the graphics card and then replace it making absolutely sure that it does make a good connection.

  woodchip 21:45 13 Aug 08

Dead PSU

  So Afraid 21:48 13 Aug 08

I have been having same problem.

click here

  Cmdr Vimes 22:10 13 Aug 08

PSU shouldn't be a problem as its pretty much new.

The rest is all quite technical (for me anyway) so will take some time to work through.

  woodchip 22:14 13 Aug 08

PSU can go at any time as can other components

  woodchip 22:19 13 Aug 08

You also did ask for help, and the above is what I think is the Problem. Its no good taking a Car to a garage for them to fix then start telling them whats not the proble

  Cmdr Vimes 22:29 13 Aug 08

I'll accept you think its the psu.

  wis 22:30 13 Aug 08

the driver for display may be corrupted
try windows vga default
boot up f8 select vga normal start enter
this may enable you to use screen replace
driver worth a go

  woodchip 22:33 13 Aug 08

hows he going to that with a blank monitor

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