Blank Emails Received by recipient

  johnmelad 16:26 11 Dec 08

I send out quite a few emails and just recently have added two new customers to my contact list. They both have Ticali and when received my emails are blank with no attachment. They both use the same PC by the way.

No one else has a problem with my emails, so I think the problem is either with their setup or with Tiscali.

To get around this at the moment, I send the email to another contact, who like me uses BT Internet so the problem is not BT.

Any suggestions?

  johndrew 16:43 11 Dec 08

If it`s any help this problem also occurs with some attachments sent out with e-mails from to some other ISP recipients.

A number of us on various different ISPs recently received an e-mail sent with an attachment by one of our number who is with Some of us received the attachment but for others it was stripped somewhere en-route. We all checked it was not our security removing it by passing it from others who received it complete to those who didn`t and there was no problem other than for those sent from accounts. We have no idea of the cause and have decided it is one of the great mysteries of the internet.

To overcome the problem we now avoid attachments as much as possible and include all text in the body of the message. Where they are absolutely necessary attachments are forwarded through known, `good` routes. Painful but it works.

  johnmelad 18:46 11 Dec 08

It's not just that attachments don't arrive the entire email is blank. If I send am email without an attachment it still arrives blank.

Could it be that I use Outlook with word as my editor?

Helpppppppppppp :o)

  Technotiger 19:37 11 Dec 08

I don't use Outlook, never have, but why can't you edit your emails within Outlook? Using an external editor might be the cause of the problem - but I am only guessing.

I only ever use Incredimail.

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