Blank DVD recommendation

  mikeyb59 15:40 27 Oct 03

Having recently bought a Pioneer A106 DVD writer I would like suggestions as to the best blank media to use.

I bought some Mirror DVD-R discs at the time of purchase but seem to have problems with "skipping" regardless of write speed.

I am aware that blank discs are not all equal so would be interested to receive suggestions from others regarding best disks to use.

While cost is not the overriding issue it would be nice to have a balance between cost/quality.


  JFT 15:45 27 Oct 03

click here
It lists every different type of media there is.

  SEASHANTY 16:04 27 Oct 03

Use the Verbatim 2x DVD-R with my standalone Panasonic DMR-E60 and they have always worked OK - came from Maplin £40 for a spindle of 25 discs. According to both Panasonic & Verbatim discs work OK in Pioneer DVD recorders.

  mikeyb59 16:12 27 Oct 03

Thanks for the links but was looking for more personal recommendations.


Thanks - will have a look

  mikeyb59 18:24 27 Oct 03


  Rayuk 19:18 27 Oct 03

I have the 106D Pioneer and have used Mirror Platinum DVD-R x4 without any problems at all.

Is the skipping problem with a certain DVD player?Will it play ok on your PCs dvd drive?

You dont say whether you have tried it on different players,that could be the problem

  ams4127 19:45 27 Oct 03

I'm using Packard Bell DVD-R disks from PCW and have had no problems. Incidently, PCW are doing a deal at the moment - 10 disks for the price of 5 (£17.50).

  clayton 20:39 27 Oct 03

Try here m8 click here

  Rayuk 18:12 28 Oct 03

Have just took delivery of some Datasafe and Ridata[Ritek] both work ok from
click here
also next day delivery.

  bremner 19:01 28 Oct 03

With the same writer as yourself I have found Memorex 4 x -R disks to be relable and fast. Paid about ?1.30 a disk for them in a 25 disk cake box from Bigpockets.

  SEASHANTY 15:40 29 Oct 03

Blankdiscshop also sold me a spindle of 100 unbranded 4x RITEK DVD-R for use with the Pioneer 105 DVD recorder I purchased from them in June this year. Haven't fitted the drive yet and haven't tried any of these discs. As they have absolutely no writing on them whatsoever they could be anything. The die is a slightly pinkish colour. These cost approx ?134-45 inclusive of vat. I still wish I had purchased a branded make such as Verbatim or TDK.

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