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Blank DVD disks - have I got it wrong

  pj123 18:03 11 Apr 04

According to me a 4.7gb blank DVD disk should be able to record 2 hours 55 minutes. (175 minutes).

A week ago I burnt a 60 minute programme to the DVD and now I want to burn the next 60 minute episode. But all I get is "insert a blank DVD disk" Are DVD disks not multisession then? If not, then why did I buy a DVD burner when the CD burner I already had will make VCDs up to an hour long and play perfectly on my DVD player. And much cheaper too.

  Sion 18:16 11 Apr 04

If u burn a dvd disc it is not multisession. The disc will be finalised after burning.

As for your question as to why did you buy a dvd burner, i have no answer.

  Bapou 19:05 11 Apr 04

I use a DVD-RW for multisesion, was advised when installing the writer DVD-R discs were considered unsuitable for this purpose.

Out of curiosity I ignored this advice and when Nero 6 came to write a multisession I was presented with a warning the disc was unsuitable.

  stalion 19:17 11 Apr 04

You have myDVD then you can Edit the DVD when you like it will not be closed.Regards

  SEASHANTY 20:29 11 Apr 04

My Panasonic DMR-E60 standalone multiregion DVD player and DVD-R/DVD-RAM recorder will take on multisession recordings of 1, 2, 4, 6 hours or it has the facility of set your own time for the disc to ensure maximum quality recordings. You can finalise the DVD-R disc whenever you like. When finalised it will play on standard DVD players. This is with the standard 4.7GB DVD-R discs. either 2x or

  SEASHANTY 20:37 11 Apr 04

I see that my Panasonic recorder has now been replaced by a new model with the capacity to record
up to 8 hours on a standard 4.7GB DVD-R disc.
click here

  HXP 01:13 12 Apr 04

Sony DRU-18 enable me to write to disk but not close - using it like a giant floppy drive in effect, so I can add files at will on DVD -R and DVD+r. Not sure if that is because of DVD make or software Pinnacle Instant DVD V8.
I upgraded from a CDR and I must admit some disks are 'quirky' Memorex won't work but cheaper Datwrites are fine. Maybe worth trying different media ?

  The Sack 01:35 12 Apr 04

A blank single layer DVD at the "normal" variable bitrate is 2 hours. I have managed to get 4 hours looking ok with some lengthy encoding

  pj123 13:32 12 Apr 04

Thanks for the info. The DVD disks I am using are "Infiniti" yellow -R. All the reviews I read about these DVDs were pretty good. My DVD burner is the LG 4081 takes -/+r rw and ram. I am trying to copy all my "very" old Beta tapes to DVD. So looks like I have to do the whole tape in one go then edit out all the bits I don't want (like ads etc.) and then burn to DVD. Thanks again everyone, will give it go.

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