blank dvd disc errors

  inapot69 19:23 26 May 06

i hope someone can help. i have bought 100 blank dvd discs.
the first 20 or so were ok but the last 10 have all developed errors as i have tried to burn them.
i use nero 6 reloaded.
i have used the scan disc function in the tools and it tells me there are bad sectors on the disc.
but it will not scan blank discs.
is there a program (preferably freeware) that will do this.
it is maddening when i have just waited several hours for something to encode for it not to work.
it has got to be the discs as i tried a good "datawrite" dvd- r/rw and that was fine.
the cheap ones are unbranded dvd+r's.
i bought them to use on a "cello" dvd recorder, which was faulty so i took it back.
i have windows xp
athlon 1.3
500mb ddr raam
at least 40 gb free disc space.
please help.

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