Blank discs rejected

  wednesday 13 19:31 28 Jul 05


I had my new PC a year ago and then didn't really use my CD-RWs on it then but now I have been using them more, after inserting each brand in so many times, the make has been rejected and burnt on discs are supposedly dirty when new.

My old PC and my stereo takes them fine.

Is It the drive or the PC?

  wednesday 13 20:03 28 Jul 05


  mattyc_92 20:26 28 Jul 05

What type of disks are you using? CD-Rs or CD-RWs? and what CD/DVD burning program are you using?

  wednesday 13 20:36 28 Jul 05

I am using CD-R and CD-RW and all of the programmes are rejecting them

  mattyc_92 20:37 28 Jul 05

What program(s) are you using?

  bruno 20:40 28 Jul 05

Where have you been storing your discs?I had some rejects and eventually decided that the problem was I had kept them next to a loudspeaker and I think the magnetism must have affected them .I bought some new discs and changed their storage place,no more problems.

  wednesday 13 21:04 29 Jul 05

I am using windows media player 10, real one v.10 and win amp.

i am storing the CDs in a cd storer built in my desk away from anything electrical except my scanner which is rarley used

  mattyc_92 10:26 30 Jul 05

Try Nero (click here). You can download a FREE 30 day fully working trial.

I have had problems with WMP, so I just use Nero for all my burning needs.

  wednesday 13 13:42 30 Jul 05

forgot to add that one too

'my computer' doesn't even recognise them though.

I put in a burnt disc and it doesn't even show the files in drive-D. it just says empty

  palinka 19:01 30 Jul 05

This thread is nearly identical to one I would have started a couple of years ago (maybe I did, can't remember now). Anyway, I had same/similar experience -ie brand new discs wouldn't burn. In my case they were ejected part-way through the burning process. I too had had the pc with the cd re-writer for 18 months or so before I made this discovery (didn't have need to use it in that time).

Eventually I decided that it was the cd re-writer that was faulty - and must have been from the start, but alas didn't discover it in time to get free replacement - so i bought a new one, using PCA recommendations and everything has been fine since. Also now use Nero, can't remember what previous software was.

Was a bit nervous about doing the installation of the new kit but it was easy, though a bit fiddly.

  wednesday 13 10:55 31 Jul 05

thanks, i'll get a new drive and try that

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