Black And White???????

  stu_nuttall 17:28 04 Jan 04

im havin a problem with my nvidia mx 440 g force 4 64mb graphics card when puttin it through to my tv i only recive black and white picture ive tried seein if i can allter the s-video settin on my tv and video but there is no feature for this.could someone please help its doin my head in thank you?

  howard60 22:14 04 Jan 04

not a clue but this will put you back to the top

  DieSse 22:22 04 Jan 04

If you're using an svideo output from the card, and your TV and video do not have svideo inputs - then that's what you will get - B&W pictures.

Look in your TV and video booklets as to whether they support svideo inputs.

  chrisinireland 22:28 04 Jan 04

i had the same cars as that a month ago b4 i upgraded to a geforce fx 5950, i didnt have no problems like that with it though and i was using the tv out all the time, just do what DieSse says and make sure u have it going out in PAL and Not NTSC, that all i can think of

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