black screen.. spoke to sonn Vug, silverous?

  toonfireman1 15:23 23 Sep 06

Well It worked fine 3/4 times, then this morning it went to Type of file NTFS
The volume is dirty
CHKDSK verifying stage 1,2,3.
whem it has done this it reboots and does the same again and again.
I tried in safe mode and the same happens.

So I set it up to load from the XP thinking I would try the process again.
This time I tried repair it went all though the motions, reboot its self and started the NTFS.. dirty again.
Not to be of put I thought I would do the whole thing again went to reboot from disc.
This time it would not let me passed
Welcome to set up.
Gives 3 options it would respond to none of them I have tried 3 times and it goes to the same point.

  VoG II 15:38 23 Sep 06

Try using the Recovery Console click here

When it has loaded, at the > prompt type

chkdsk c: /f

and press Enter.

  toonfireman1 16:29 23 Sep 06

Thanks Vog
I got to that before.
Welcome to set...
But none of the three options would respond.
Before I try again as I have to disconnect the one I am using, a question?
I see when I get to the next page it asks for the admin pass word ?
Were would I find this?

  VoG II 16:35 23 Sep 06

If you didn't set an administrator password don't type anything, just press Enter.

  silverous 17:29 23 Sep 06

Wow, our names in lights. Well mine at least, not sure who Sonn Vug is :)

Let us know if Vog's suggestion doesn't solve.

  toonfireman1 12:43 24 Sep 06


When I go to recovery console
it says
Which windows installation would you like to log onto(to cancel press enter).
The prompt will only allow me to type in one letter, from your post I presumed that I was to type in chkdsk:/f at this point?
any ideas?

  VoG II 12:44 24 Sep 06

Press 1

  toonfireman1 12:45 24 Sep 06

having looked at the idiots guide again should I type 1 in at that point?
I will wait to hear from you

  toonfireman1 16:27 24 Sep 06

When I entered chkdsk:f
it would say, The command not regonised
when I did just chkdsk
checking volume
chkdsk found one or more errors on space
it did not say what they were or anything else.


  VoG II 16:28 24 Sep 06

chkdsk c: /f

is the correct command - note the spaces.

  toonfireman1 17:21 24 Sep 06

have tried again with spaces
but comes back not regonised

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