Black screen on notebook

  VCR97 14 Apr 11

I'm having a problem with an Evesham Voyager notebook. The screen is black at switch-on but I can just see correct images in the gloom. If I can find the cursor I can click on desktop icons and I can see that things happen. Power off/on doesn't alter anything. So it seems that it is only the screen which is kaput. Any ideas as to what has happened and how I can fix it? I can't see any obvious entry to the screen assembly.

  buteman 14 Apr 11

I know little about laptops but sounds like the back light has gone. If you have another Monitor handy hook it up to that and it should work Ok using that. No doubt someone will give you some proper advice soon.

  onthelimit1 14 Apr 11

As buteman says. You will need to toggle the output from screen to monitor using Fn and one of the F keys. Probably difficult to get spares for an Evesham, unless it uses a generic light - difficult to tell.

  VCR97 14 Apr 11

Thanks, but I don't have a monitor available. I'll have to wait until I discover how to get into the screen assy.

  robin_x 14 Apr 11

Most likely the tube or the inverter. But it could be the motherboard or power circuit.

If you feel like digging, you could go in and check connections and that power is getting to inverter. But since the output is high voltage don't mess too much if in doubt.

Then it is a question of deciding what is at fault That's the tricky part if you don't have spares.

link text

link text

See what you think, whether you want to try yourself or put in for repair.

  VCR97 14 Apr 11


Thanks for the links. I'll wade through them tomorrow. If I can find the cunningly concealed access to the screen assy I'll be OK.


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