Black screen and message

  sugarbabe 16:35 28 Feb 09

Hi i have a windows xp machine.

plugged in a new keyboard got a blue screen message now have a black screen

starting windows 98....
type the name of the command interpreter (e.g, c:windows\


But i don't have a floppy drive so do not know what to type??

Please help!!!

  sharpamat 17:24 28 Feb 09

something strange, if all you have done is changed the keyboard there should be no problem. however you must have done something else to end up with the starting Win98 prompt on a system that was running XP

  CalmCookie 17:51 28 Feb 09

Have you checked to make sure there are no discs in the CD/DVD drive?


  Sea Urchin 17:53 28 Feb 09

Did you plug in the keyboard while the PC was on - if so hopefully it's a USB connection. If PS/2 then it is not designed to be hot-swappable.

  sunnystaines 17:54 28 Feb 09

is the keyboard usb if not is it it the right socket.

  sugarbabe 18:09 28 Feb 09

got different keyboard in now that is ps2. was a usb one that caused problem or maybe just concidence.

No discs in cd drive

What can i do 2 fix???

  DieSse 20:25 28 Feb 09

Have you got a floppy disk in the drive?

What exactly happens when you restart the system - step by step please.

  woodchip 20:29 28 Feb 09

Some Keyboard work with 98se and need drivers loading if its a media keyboard. I have one that works like that when you first load it. But did not get that message it just said it was win98. Try the old keyboard

  Sea Urchin 20:47 28 Feb 09

sugarbabe is using Win XP and doesn't have a floppy disk drive

  sugarbabe 21:03 28 Feb 09

when i restart pc i get normal start up screen where it detects drives etc then the black screen

I have looked at boot menu to drive to get it to boot from cd or from other drive but only thing detected is third ide device. no other hard drives and no cd rom.

So cannot get it to boot from cd

  sugarbabe 22:31 28 Feb 09

I don't understand why cd rom and other hard drive aren't showing in boot menu

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