Black Playstation2 V Silver PS2

  Peterped 21:38 23 Jun 04

My grand-daughter wants a Playstation 2 but I have heard that one of them is noisy but which I don't know which one. I know this has nothing to do with PCs but can anyone help?

  sicknote 22:13 23 Jun 04

I think it's just cosmetic click here

  PSF 22:18 23 Jun 04

The newer silver one has a better DVD player.

  sicknote 22:18 23 Jun 04
  Chegs ® 22:20 23 Jun 04

If I had a PS2,and its noise started bugging me,I would have the sides off it and change the fan.Its the only moving part thats likely to be making any noise. ;-)

  Rubyiat 22:26 23 Jun 04

We have a silver and it's not noisy. You should get two controllers with silver so you can play with her straight away. The black ones are the older model - does the same job but most children would prefer the latest thing!

  mammak 22:35 23 Jun 04

Peterped my little lass of 7,
has both playstation one and two,
only noise i hear is when shes on sky,"cartoon network" i wouldnt worry it's six of one really. Regards Mammak.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 23:02 23 Jun 04

As sicknote says - it's just cosmetic.

All PS2s manufactured from the begining of the year have improvements to make them quieter (new fan) and incorporate an IR sensor for the remote control (rather than have a plug in sensor on a controler port).

So it just comes down to whether you like black or silver (and are prepared to pay for it).

  sicknote 23:20 23 Jun 04

Don't forget also the limited edition Aqua colour !!!

  pharte 23:30 23 Jun 04

I think it's something to do with the sound system you can buy for it (it's silver).

Anyone want one, used for less than an hour and 3 months old with some games, 2 x controllers etc.

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