Black ink printer problem.....

  sorefingers 19:59 04 Aug 04

..why has my photos suddenly started coming out with the black shades showing wet like its waiting to dry out?
Using PSP 7 and Canon i560.

  jack 20:04 04 Aug 04

Be a bit more descriptive please
I assume you have a flooding problem
IE ink is passing through the jets -New cart on the horizon?

  sorefingers 20:51 04 Aug 04

..thanks for the reply...didn't realise that carts could "flood" reckon changing will fixit?

  Androcles 21:41 04 Aug 04

Have you changed your brand of glossy paper/card.I had this prob. Some of the cheaper brands,local market etc. do not absorb the black,it just sits there
and after about half an hour dries all mottled.

  jack 08:31 05 Aug 04

Androcles has a point too.
The paper type is also a pissbolity
Make sure the machine is set to the paper type in use.
Actually a good tip is to set the 'paper' type
to 'Transparency' or 'film' for all work
This uses far less ink.
So try these routes first
Check paper type set with paper type in use.
reset to Transparancy'film
Then if still in trouble consider the new Cartridge route -depending on the model of machine - I do mean the PRINT HEAD with the jets
some models of Canon have separate ink tanks I understand [being an Epson man I do not fully unbderstand Canon's mores]

  sorefingers 09:39 05 Aug 04

...I will do as you both suggest and report back!

  sorefingers 10:10 05 Aug 04

..have just printed two identical photos using my favourite (PSP7)and Adobe Photoshop Album starter edition.
PSP printed without the black problem.
A/P/A printed a better result, but with some black wet patches.
Both were using the transparency setting.
Using AGFA Glossy paper 240g/m2 (whatever that means)
...will try other paper now....

  sorefingers 10:24 05 Aug 04

..using Kodak paper 190 g/m....seems like the Adobe software like to give the wet problem, albeit a better photo ( but it also shows very thin white lines every quarter inch all the way down the photo (not with PSP though!!)
Your thoughts please!

  jack 11:05 05 Aug 04

I stand to be corrected here but the actual application in use does not matter too much
because which ever it is speaks to the PRINTER
control software.
However another aspect here as you are complicating things by using different applications is the DPI you have set in each or either.
To get true comparisions you have to have a 'Baseline' that does not change i.e The Application- So decide on Adobe or PSP then wrok from there.
When testing for something you cannot keep all the balls in the air, It is a process of elimimation after all

  €dstowe 13:29 05 Aug 04

Poor control over ink flow in heavily inked areas is one reason we don't use Canon printers.

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