bizarre spell check problem on MS Word

  pollpott 13:33 30 Apr 05

I did a spell check on a document part way through and there were no problems. Later when I spell checked the rest I found that it had completely failed to find really obvious spelling errors. If I ask it to do a further check using the ABC sybmbol or via the tools/options route it comes up with 'spell check complete' immediately.

  VoG II 13:40 30 Apr 05

Which version of Word?

Is the language set to "noproofing" or a non-British version of English?

  pollpott 14:26 30 Apr 05

I am using Word '97. I can't find the place which tells me which language it is set to, where do I find this? Also I have tried loading the doc. onto a floppy and trying it on a laptop. It behaves the same but when I tried a previous doc. and introduced some deliberate spelling errors it found them on both machines??

  VoG II 14:32 30 Apr 05

To find the language, Tools/Language/Set Language.

  pollpott 14:59 30 Apr 05

Thanks, the language is set to English(UK)

  VoG II 17:14 30 Apr 05
  pollpott 14:32 02 May 05

Thanks for the link,I checked the file Mssp2_en.lex as instructed in the article but it is the correct size,247kb and obviously it is present.The odd thing about this is that the problem only seems to affect this particular doc.

  Klof Ron 14:38 02 May 05

Try using the "Save as" option to save it to a different file name, and spell check it again.

  Access Moron 14:43 02 May 05

check the style that you are using for the document,
Format, Styles,Modify,format, language, do not check spelling check box

  pollpott 22:46 02 May 05

Thanks for the suggestions, I have tried advice from Klof Ron and Access Moron but to no avail, however I did get the messages, could not find files MsgrFR32.dll for French(belgium) and similarlarly mssp2_FR.lex for French(Belgium). Does this mean anything?

  Simsy 23:18 02 May 05

Ctl+A to copy everything

Paste into Notepad

copy all from notepad then paste again into a new Word document.

This will mean you have to reformat fonts etc, but the 2nd copy will remove all the "word" bits.

Good Luck,



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