BitTorent Downloading Speed

  sunrunner 16:18 18 Feb 07

Having read the article in the lastest issue of PC ADVISOR about BitTorrent I thought I would like to see what it is sall about. Upon trying to download something it seems very slow at only 1KB/s. I have a 2.5mb/s connection. Is this normal and if so why does anyone bother. I am downloading a JPEG which it says will take 19 hours????? Any comments?????

  octal 16:25 18 Feb 07

It depends on how many other peers and seeds are connected who also have the file on their computers. It should tell you that information in the download section of the site. The more peers, the faster the download.

  sunrunner 16:31 18 Feb 07

At the time of posting it says 1 peer and 2 seeds. Speed has dropped further to 21 days remaining for a 768kb JPEG. Makes RAPIDSHARE and the like look phenominal. LOL

  SLAYER 16:32 18 Feb 07

Have a look here and post if you want,there are ways to speed up things.This place helped alot.

click here

  stephen0205 16:32 18 Feb 07

use utorrent and go to settings and turn on the overdrive, u will get kick ass speeds, also you can open the port that u r downloading throught, i recomend using a firewall like mcafee for this and good antivirus and antispammware software, u will get very gd speeds but if u dont protect u r connection u will f*** u r pc, also downloading torrents is ellagle ( my spelling sucks ) l8r

  stephen0205 16:33 18 Feb 07

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