bitdefender Total Security 09

  amyjen7 18:47 03 Feb 09

Hi I have so far relied on Windows security to protect my PC but reading various articles I get the feeling this is not enough & planned to try the bitdefender software provided in issue 164 but as I was about to load it my son-in-law, who was looking over my shoulder, warned me of the dangers of loading freebies, his words not mine. Can someone please please let me have their views? Thank you

Kind regards

  Woolwell 20:40 03 Feb 09

Firstly you are right to move to something beyond Windows security. Secondly loading freebies from sources which you do not know much about can bring trouble (viruses, etc). But this is a PCA disc and is not likely to contain anything malicious. But there are other anti-virus and anti-malware programs around (many free). There have been several threads on this subject recently and I suggest that you search/browse for some of them.

  User-1229748 01:12 04 Feb 09

the user reviews are not great regarding bitdefender click here

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