Bit confused - what am I missing? DVD Slideshow

  wotbus@ 15:20 07 Jan 05

Hmmmmm - frown a bit, and here goes. I copied some photo's from a neighbours CD-R into a newly created folder in My Docs. I copied them from there onto another CD-R after processing them into a slide show using Pinnacle Studio for him to read on his lounge DVD machine. I first checked it on my lounge DVD machine and all OK. The new disc also reads on his DVD machine so everyone is happy. Why am I frowning? The first disc I burned as a tester [I hadnt done this before] reads perfectly on my lounge DVD machine as well, and out of curiosity I dropped it into the DVD tray of my PC.....nothing!!!
Good one for a Friday afternoon perhaps?

  mattyc_92 15:24 07 Jan 05

This may because your DVD drive isn't compatiable with VCD/SVCD recordings and your DVD player is!!!!

If your DVD drive is oldish (about 2 years old), then this is probably the reason!!! Have you checked to see if the "final" version worked on your system??

  wotbus@ 15:32 07 Jan 05

Hi mattyc_92. Reckon that's it then. The drive is coming up for 2yrs but it was towards the top of the range then with "forward compatibility" etc! The lounge machine is 1yr. I didnt check the final version but I have checked all combi's of play in the drive autoplay settings. Its no big deal but I would have thought something I created on this PC could be read on the same. Still frowning ;-(

  wotbus@ 15:37 07 Jan 05

The drive is a Sony DVD RW DW - U10A and I notice the driver date is 01/07/2001, coult it be the driver needs updating?

  mattyc_92 15:42 07 Jan 05

Yes it may!!!! Have you got the box it came in or was it in your computer when you brought the system???

  mattyc_92 15:43 07 Jan 05

On the box somewhere (normally at the back) it tells you what it is compatiable with!!!!

  SEASHANTY 15:44 07 Jan 05


  wotbus@ 15:48 07 Jan 05

Just went here click here and it looks like it should have worked - frown again.

  wotbus@ 15:50 07 Jan 05

Sorry guys - I was surfing. It was installed in the new PC. SEASHANTY, what is "^"?

  TomJerry 15:55 07 Jan 05

something like powerdvd or windvd

  mattyc_92 15:58 07 Jan 05

"^" doesn't mean nothing in itself, it is just sent to put the topic back to the top of the list

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