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  KPC 11:25 31 Dec 03

I have an Asus A7v333 motherboard with 512 MB pc2100 ram and a nvidia geforce2ti agp graphics card. Looking at the bios settings, i came across graphis aperture size, what should this be set at, and dram spd timing which is set to optimal but there is a turbo setting and the one ive tried to find but can't find the graphics card specs on their website anymore is whether it supports uswc video cache mode. At present it is set to uc and says it should only be set to uswc if the card supports it

  KPC 11:31 31 Dec 03


  Gongoozler 11:52 31 Dec 03

Hi KPC. Graphics aperture size is the amount of your system memory that is available to be used by your graphics card. If your graphics card has a reasonable amount of memory, this is normally left at 64M. You can experiment with different amounts, some software likes more, some likes less.

Memory modules have an SPD chip that holds the optimum timing values for that module, and I would guess that your motherboard is offering you the options of using these safe optimum values, or tweeking them to get faster performance.

UC = Uncached. USWC = Uncached Speculative Write Combining. Enable USWC, then if you find your computer becomes unstable, disable it again click here

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 14:50 31 Dec 03

Usually you set the aperature size to double your card ram so if you have a 64 meg card set to 128,i would leave the dram timming alone unless you know your memory supports faster rates usually high end ram does but you never know.


  KPC 15:00 31 Dec 03

thanks alot for the info, i will have a go with the other settings and see what happens

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