BIOS problems

  mercfan 22 Sep 11

I have an Acer Aspire Z5610. It runs Win7 Professional. My anti virus is GData, which advised me that there is Malware which should be addressed by using their boot disc. I followed instructions, interrupting boot up to change boot disc to DVD device. Since doing this, the machine ignores what I think I did and boots still from hard disc, but when I go back to BIOS screen to check things, my keyboard does not seem to be recognised in that I press the arrow keys to no avail. How do I get back to original state??

  buteman 22 Sep 11

Not sure how you set it in the Bios but on an old dell you had to click on which device to start up with and the press U on the keyboard to get it to go Up or it was press D for it to go down.

Obviously getting it to the top of the list meant it would start with that.

Then you had to press save and exit.

  mercfan 22 Sep 11

I am told by the instructions shown at bottom of screen to use 'up' and 'down' arrows to get where I want to be, then use a Function key to save results. This I did, and I thought , correctly, but I must be mistaken.

  mercfan 22 Sep 11

  buteman 22 Sep 11

I think the up down buttons were only to get you to where you wanted to go.

I think it shows you at start up which device it is starting from,if it does not say DVD or CD it must be starting from the original start up so it has not changed.

Like I said I know not a lot about how to do this.Just how I had to do it with an older Dell computer.

No doubt someone will inform you of the correct way to do it.

Did they give a reason why you had to use their boot disc.

have you tried running Malwarebytes.

Just press the download now button and it should give you the full version for 2 weeks then reverts to the free version.

  buteman 22 Sep 11

Not sure if a system restore would get you back to the original way it was running.

Or start in safe mode if you can and press last good configuration. Or better still system repair in safe mode.

  mercfan 22 Sep 11

Hi Buteman, many thanks for the replies. I use Malwarebytes, good program. GData advised malware in some part of system, I can't remember and recommended using their Boot Disc. I had run Malwarebytes only yesterday, so reckoned I would go with the suggestion. I suspect finger trouble somewhere from me, but need to get back to original BIOS settings

  gengiscant 22 Sep 11

This may help: Reset BIOS


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