BIOS problem?

  lodger 18:13 29 Dec 03

I have just accquired an old pc which has a 166mhz intel cpu installed, yet I can access only 100mhz, making it impossible to install isp software....I know that it has been tinkered with, in a failed effort to install the fault in the processor, or in the configuration...?

  DieSse 20:33 29 Dec 03

Probably it's a setting in the BIOS, OR a jumper setting on the motherboard. You'll need a manual to check the motherboard jumper settings.

  lodger 05:19 30 Dec 03

the pc is an Olivetti Xana, 73-133 looks like it was a quality machine in it's day...i dont feel like tinkering with it myself, so i'm off on a search for a manual....

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