bios print out !

  albu 18:34 22 Jan 03
  albu 18:34 22 Jan 03

How can I get a copy of my bios? Is there any software that will print out my bios details?
Any advice please?

  woodchip 18:38 22 Jan 03

try these,

press for each page Ctrl or Alt +P that means press one of the first and the P key.

second if it does not work try the Print Screen key

  Stuartli 19:37 22 Jan 03

Manual Backup: Paper and pen. Go through the BIOS setup screens and record the settings and what their values are. It sounds tedious, but it is simple, foolproof (basically :^) ) and while it takes a while to do the first time, this is something you only do once when you set up a new PC, or change the motherboard. When you change your BIOS settings, you just change what is written on the piece of paper as well.

It is possible with some BIOSes to get the BIOS setup screens to print out on the printer. Turn on the PC, and boot up DOS. Then hit {Ctrl}+{Alt}+{Delete} to reset the PC, and go into BIOS setup. On some systems, the routine that handles the {Print Screen} key will still function, and you can use it on each of the BIOS screens as a nifty shortcut!

It won't work on all systems, and it won't work when you first cold start the PC, since the Print Screen handler hasn't been installed yet at all.

(Found via google)

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